Sercurity Hacking – List 2

Security List #2

Tittle: Halting the Hacker

A Practical Guide to Computer Security, Second Edition combines unique insight into the mind of the hacker with practical, step-by-step countermeasures for protecting any HP-UX, Linux, or UNIX system. Fully updated for today’s key threats, tools, and solutions, this book shows you how hackers work and the best ways to respond: not just what to do, but why. Through dozens of real-world examples, you’ll master the skills and mindset to protect yourself against today’s attacks — and tomorrow’s.



The Perfect Reference for the Multitasked SysAdmin

This is the perfect guide if network security tools is not your specialty. It is the perfect introduction to managing an infrastructure with freely available, and powerful, Open Source tools. Learn how to test and audit your systems using products like Snort and Wireshark and some of the add-ons available for both. In addition, learn handy techniques for network troubleshooting and protecting the perimeter.

* Take Inventory
See how taking an inventory of the devices on your network must be repeated regularly to ensure that the inventory remains accurate.
* Use Nmap
Learn how Nmap has more features and options than any other free scanner.
* Implement Firewalls
Use netfilter to perform firewall logic and see how SmoothWall can turn a PC into a dedicated firewall appliance that is completely configurable.
* Perform Basic Hardening
Put an IT security policy in place so that you have a concrete set of standards against which to measure.
* Install and Configure Snort and Wireshark
Explore the feature set of these powerful tools, as well as their pitfalls and other security considerations.
* Explore Snort Add-Ons
Use tools like Oinkmaster to automatically keep Snort signature files current.
* Troubleshoot Network Problems
See how to reporting on bandwidth usage and other metrics and to use data collection methods like sniffing, NetFlow, and SNMP.
* Learn Defensive Monitoring Considerations
See how to define your wireless network boundaries, and monitor to know if theyre being exceeded and watch for unauthorized traffic on your network.
*Covers the top 10 most popular open source security tools including Snort, Nessus, Wireshark, Nmap, and Kismet
*Companion Web site contains dozens of working scripts and tools for readers
*Follows Syngress’ proven “How to Cheat” pedagogy providing readers with everything they need and nothing they don’t



Microsoft Access is the most popular desktop database in the world today and its very popularity means that its security measures can be easily compromised. “Securing Your Microsoft Access Database” takes a different approach to all the other Access books in the market in that it focuses from the start on all the issues that will help protect your database. The book approaches protection and security from a task-by-task perspective and provides detail on all the little things that when put together will make your database more secure. This will achieve things like keep your staff from looking at your salary tables, stopping your customers from looking at the design of your software that you distribute and helping you decide which security options are worth doing and which generally a waste of your time. The book has an IT manager’s overview on all topics so that managers can assess the risk of different strategies. Where the topics are at an administrator’s level, the book provides a visual step-by-step guide to implementing and undoing the settings. Finally, as Garry is very experienced in writing for developers, the book goes into the detail of programming all types of security issues such as hiding tables as system tables, producing databases that password cracker software cannot crack (easily), backing up databases, menus, queries and even user surveillance.





Hack I.T.: Security Through Penetration Testing

Addison-Wesley Professional | ISBN: 0201719568 | 544 pages | February 2002 | CHM | 4 Mb
Penetration testing–in which professional, “white hat” hackers attempt to break through an organization’s security defenses–has become a key defense weapon in today’s information systems security arsenal. Through penetration testing, I.T. and security professionals can take action to prevent true “black hat” hackers from compromising systems and exploiting proprietary information.

Hack I.T. introduces penetration testing and its vital role in an overall network security plan. You will learn about the roles and responsibilities of a penetration testing professional, the motivation and strategies of the underground hacking community, and potential system vulnerabilities, along with corresponding avenues of attack. Most importantly, the book provides a framework for performing penetration testing and offers step-by-step descriptions of each stage in the process. The latest information on the necessary hardware for performing penetration testing, as well as an extensive reference on the available security tools, is included.

Comprehensive in scope Hack I.T. provides in one convenient resource the background, strategies, techniques, and tools you need to test and protect your system–before the real hackers attack.



The Security+ Study Guide & Practice Exam is a one-of-a-kind integration of text and and Web-based exam simulation and remediation. This system gives you 100% coverage of official CompTIA Security+ exam objectives plus test preparation software for the edge you need to achieve certification on your first try! This system is comprehensive, affordable, and effective!











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